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If you want to start an online business or diversify your income with an additional revenue stream, selling an online course is a great idea.  Whether you are building an empire of digital agencies or working side hustles for vacation money, you can learn how to use the “Do It Live” course creation method to build your own online courses quickly.

With a low barrier of entry and high profit margin, creating and selling online courses will not only make you money, but it will also expose you and your products to a broader audience of buyers. Your selling more than just information, so it’s essential that you deliver content that focuses on what the people in your market want to buy.

Should I Create an Online Course?

Creating online courses is a booming business because people are now programmed to turn to the internet to solve their problems. By putting your course online, you make it easy for your audience to access your course on their time – learning when they want, where they want, and how they want.

Do you have something to teach that will have a positive impact?

Online courses are an engaging way to share your skills and knowledge on any and every subject so students can better solve their problems, reach their goals, and enhance their business and personal lives. 

There is already a course on my topic, should I create another one?

Yes! If courses on your topic are already selling, you should thank those course creators for validating your idea. (And go read reviews on their courses to see what students do and don’t like about their courses). You now know that people are willing to pay money for courses on your topic.

Do you want to generate leads for your core business?

If you sell professional services, coaching, or consulting, an online course is a lead generation machine that attracts pre-qualified prospects while demonstrating your expertise and establishing your authority on a topic.

Do you want your own thin slice of the $100 billion online learning pie?

While the world searched for “ways to make money online,” hardly anyone noticed the online learning industry was exploding to well over $100 billion a year. That’s a market demonstrating an eagerness to spend money on products. 

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Your course can be on topics in your market that a paying audience would be interested in. You don’t need to be an expert either. You just need to be able to research and compile information in a way that people can learn how to do something they didn’t know how to do before.

If you are an expert or have mastered a sought after skill, then you can drop the research part and quickly create your course with the “Do It Live” course creation method.

“Do It Live” Course Creation Method

The “Do It Live” course creation concept is simple. Instead of spending time creating presentation decks, looking for images, formatting fonts, and recording audio, so it syncs with your slides, you are going to do a live presentation, record it, and repurpose that content in a new course package.

I’ve had great success with the “Do It Live” course creation method, using ClickFunnels to host and deliver courses for several different businesses and joint ventures. There are dozens of e-learning platforms to host your new courses on, but I recommend ClickFunnels to take advantage of the built-in sales funnel to educate and encourage your audience through the sales journey.

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Don’t be one of those people who take months, even years, to get their first course out there! Every one of them will tell you they wish they had just done it sooner. Nobody bought their course for the just-right color blue they used on the last screen. No one complained about how they only used Arial 14pt font.

If you are showing people how to get results, they will pay for access courses with recordings of your live videos.

Here are three ways to transform your live recording into profitable online courses:

The Masterclass Model of “Do It Live” Course Creation

MasterClass is an online platform that has classes for students of all skill levels taught by uber-famous teachers who may or may not be an expert on a topic (but they are famous or seen as authorities in their market). You can create your own masterclass online course by using Facebook live to record a series of live training sessions you repurpose as a paid course.

For example, you could run a free or paid six-week masterclass live training on a specific topic or pain point for your Facebook group with Facebook Live. You run this paid, live, small group training each week, and when you complete the series, sell the recordings as a course.

The Interview Model 

Interviews with people who have successfully solved the problems your current audience is facing or can inspire action towards reaching goals give you impactful course content. For the Interview Model of “Do It Live” course creation, you can use Facebook Live like in the Masterclass Model or a live stream tool such as StreamYard

StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. It makes it super easy for you to interview guests, share your screen, and record course content. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms simultaneously so you can sell and promote your expert interviews and upcoming course launch.

Then package your recordings as classes in your new course while connecting with a cross-section of your audience live by responding to comments and questions on your StreamYard videos.

The Just Do It Live Model 

The Just Do It Live Model is you picking a pain point and showing your audience how to conquer that particular problem live. Talking about solutions in theory is fine, but people are more engaged with your content when they can watch you do the things you are talking about. 

In this “Do It Live” course creation model, you record the complete sequence of events, from beginning to end, to teach your online students how to do something or use different methods, software, or tools.

You can do a talking-head video where you record yourself speaking to the camera (this works best for less technical concepts). Or you could share your screen as you work through how to do things, allowing students to look over your shoulder and work alongside you. 

You’ll find a combination of talking-head and screen sharing gets the most engagement from students. They get to see you, which helps them to get to know and trust you. But at the same time, they gain concrete evidence that what you say works by seeing the screen where you said “do this, and this happens,” and it actually happening.

This is the easiest “Do It Live” course creation method because you aren’t reliant on anyone else to attend a training or do an interview to get it done. It also allows you to get instant feedback on what your audience likes, doesn’t like, and wants to see more of.

Why Wait? Get Started with “Do It Live” Course Creation Methods

Starting small with “Do It Live” course creation is the best way to get started with online courses. You’ll overcome mental barriers, silence those voices that say you can’t do it and test your course ideas without much effort by getting it out in front of people fast.

Don’t worry about your video looking polished or professional on your first go. It probably won’t, and that’s okay because the most important thing is getting started and putting something out there. Then you can build momentum as you try, improve, or pivot.

Remember that online course students aren’t paying you for information. They can search the internet for that. They are paying for results, selecting courses because they don’t know how to do something, and they want to do it. Get paid to give them what they want using the “Do It Live” course creation method.

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