Podcast: WTS Special Series: If I Had to Start Over

If I Had to Start Over (Part 5): Your Action Plan

It’s the end of this special 5-part series where Tom answers the question “What Would I Do If I Had to Start Over?”  Today, Tom, who recently received the Two Comma Club Award, will lay out the action plan and tie everything we’ve been talking about over the last few weeks. Grab a drink, listen,…

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If I Had to Start Over (Part 4): Build An All-Star Team with Nick Ponte

Trying to do everything it takes to build a business by yourself is almost impossible. You need to leverage the expertise of other people. Don’t wait too long to build a team. But how do you do it without spending a lot of money? Today in Part 4 of this special series on “If I…

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If I Had to Start Over (Part 3): How to Shortcut Success

So, how do you figure out if your idea is worth your time and energy? We all hear about the “overnight success” stories, but rarely is it that simple. On part 3 of this 5 part series, Tom reminds us that no success truly happens “overnight”, but there ARE strategies you can implement TODAY to…

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If I Had to Start Over (Part 2): Ready, Fire, Aim

So, you’ve listened to the previous episode and made the mind-shifts necessary for building your business. What’s next? In this second episode of a five-part series, Tom teaches us how to push through all the doubts and take the hardest step—the first one. He discusses the power of “RPA”s and the “M.I.L.K. It” method in…

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If I Had to Start Over: Mind-Shift

So, what’s the biggest secret? What’s the strategy for breaking out of the Matrix and living life on YOUR terms? In this five-episode series, Tom covers how he would start from scratch to create a life of freedom and fulfillment. In this first episode, Tom explores the “mind shifts” necessary for making consistent progress, how…

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