Podcast: WTS Season 5

Facebook Compliance with Ed Reay

Everyone knows how lucrative advertising on Facebook can be. But the compliance rules can be difficult to navigate. So if you want to promote your business there, you need to thoroughly understand how Facebook operates first. In this new episode, Tom talks with Ed Reay, the guy 7, 8, and 9 figure business owners call…

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Multiple Millions with Stefan Georgi

All right, so what’s this hubbub about copywriting? Is it really that important? Absolutely, and it’s growing by the second! In this insightful new episode, Tom talks with Stefan Georgi, another giant in the copywriting and sales world, whose words have grossed over $700 million across multiple sectors. They cover what brought copywriting into Stefan’s…

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Ordinary to Extraordinary with Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod

Becoming a Navy SEAL is reserved only for bodybuilders and Olympic athletes, right? Just like the myth of who can build a business, the answer to this is a resounding “No.” On this episode of “What’s the Secret?”, Tom sits down with former Navy SEAL, Brad McLeod, to discuss Brad’s journey from ordinary guy to…

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