Podcast: What's the Secret? 2021

Omni Channel Marketing with Liana Ling

With so many platforms and endless ideas, how do you go from imagining that business to seeing it soar? It’s so easy to overthink a strategy and get overwhelmed by the possibilities, but progress is closer than you think. In this new episode, Tom sits down with Liana Ling, the founder of Power Up Strategy,…

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Australia’s Best Copywriter Daniel Throssell

So, what’s the secret behind great copywriting? So many businesses would benefit IMMENSELY by implementing copy and email lists, but by listening to the “rules” of copywriting, the writing becomes dull and corporate. But, why does it have to be? In this new episode, Tom talks with Australia’s Best Copywriter—aka Daniel Throssell—who dismissed those old…

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Marketing with Webinars with Tom Poland

Webinars are only for those high profile motivational speakers or online businesses, right? Webinars are an art in and of themselves, but if you know HOW to construct and market them, you can use them, too! In this new episode, Tom sits down with Tom Poland, a best selling author and founder of over four…

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Live Streaming Secrets

“Live streaming is the next big thing! Start yours today and make millions!”  Not so fast. Live streaming IS an awesome way to connect with your audience and spread your message, but like anything in life, success doesn’t happen overnight. However, if you take your time and stick with it, the rewards will come. In…

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Tracy Brinkmann, The Dark Horse Entrepreneur

If you’re reading this while working at a corporate job that you’re, well, not fond of, you are NOT alone. So many people find themselves working “secure” jobs to pay the bills, but if you’ve ever had that entrepreneurial itch to do more in the world, follow that feeling. In this new episode, Tom talks…

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Mastering Masterminds with Aaron Walker

After retiring at age 27, you’d think that Aaron’s life would be figured out, right? As we’ve all learned throughout our lives, life isn’t that simple. Today’s guest, Aaron Walker, is the textbook definition of a successful, veteran entrepreneur; he started his first business at 18, then bought and sold twelve businesses over his lifetime….

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