WTS Season 4: Six-figures in 4 Days Launch Breakdown

Hosted ByTom Gaddis

On the What’s the Secret Podcast, former restaurant manager turned seven-figure entrepreneur Tom Gaddis shares with you the real strategies most gurus won’t tell you about growing a successful business.

The Roadmap for Growing a 7-Figure Business with Product Launches

Building a business is only for those with trust funds or business degrees, right? Not at all. Manifesting your idea from scratch has never been more possible than today, but too many people either feel overwhelmed and never start, or they chase money and feel no different when they attain it. In this episode, Tom dives into the details on what it takes to transform an idea into a business, no matter your background. We all know that hard work always trumps talent, so only one question remains: What’s the secret?

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Tom Gaddis

In This Episode:

  • How to set realistic yet satisfying goals
  • The essential steps to getting through money uncertainty
  • The secret to scaling your business consistently
  • How to avoid this one critical mistake that can stifle your cash flow
  • Focus on THIS instead of money
  • A checklist that will help you make every one of your products stand out from the last
  • How to build a dependable and effective support system

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2 comments on “The Roadmap for Growing a 7-Figure Business with Product Launches

  1. Paula says:

    Hi Tom,
    Another great Podcast thanks.
    You mention naming your products to be suitable for Facebook. I can’t imagine what product names you’ve had that would make Facebook twitchy. Could you elucidate on this further? What makes a product Facebook fit or unfit?
    Thanks…You and Nick are my go-to guys. I like your honest approach and lack of ‘rah-rah hype’

    1. Tom says:

      The product we rebranded was originally named ‘Website Profit Monster.’ The goal is not to have any compliance issues. You don’t want to get mistaken as multiple-level marketing or make “easy money.” Thanks for the kind words and being a Shark!

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