What’s the Secret? 2021

Hosted ByTom Gaddis

On the What’s the Secret Podcast, former restaurant manager turned seven-figure entrepreneur Tom Gaddis shares with you the real strategies most gurus won’t tell you about growing a successful business.

The Real Truth of a Remote Business

If you take a look at the business press lately, everyone is talking about the “Great Resignation.” This phrase describes the recent movement of people looking to start their own online business or find a remote job, so they can experience a type of freedom that they couldn’t with their previous job. 

But as someone that has built successful remote businesses, I wanted to share some common and big mistakes that people make when trying to go remote and much more on today´s episode.

You need to treat people in your online business, the same way you treat people in real life.

Tom Gaddis

In This Episode:

  • Why do people get stuck or quit quickly after starting their own remote business
  • How building trust is even more important when running a remote business than in the normal business model
  • Getting a remote business up and running is easier than having a Brick and Mortar business and here's why…
  • And much more…

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