What’s the Secret? 2021

Hosted ByTom Gaddis

On the What’s the Secret Podcast, former restaurant manager turned seven-figure entrepreneur Tom Gaddis shares with you the real strategies most gurus won’t tell you about growing a successful business.

Success Is Not An Event

Let’s get real here: The internet is overflowing with “get rich quick” formulas and endless motivational posts. Those temporary bursts of inspiration can be powerful, but to achieve long-term success, you need more than one day of feeling good. On this one year anniversary of the podcast, Tom shares the most meaningful insights on success that he’s learned over this year. He reminds us how to achieve REAL progress in your business, the importance of accountability over the long haul, and the readily available tools that will keep you feeling supported and free to pursue your dreams, no matter the time frame.

“Success is not an event. It’s the compounding of all the little things you do every day.” 

– Tom Gaddis

In This Episode:

  • No one gets fit from working out for six hours…once. Once Tom learned THIS fundamental truth about building anything, he began to see REAL progress in his business AND life.
  • Is motivation enough to make progress in life? Nope. For Tom and most other people, it takes setting THESE consistently so that you never stagnate and lose steam.
  • Ever felt like a single decision would decide your fate forever? So has Tom, but realizing WHY a single decision doesn’t mean the end empowered Tom to push through fear and take those all-important first steps to pursue his passions.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was it built alone. Investing time and money into THIS will, without fail, help your long term success.

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1 comment on “Success Is Not An Event

  1. James Laskis says:

    Congratulations on one year!!! Thanks for your great incites and interviews. Great job. Thanks James

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