What’s the Secret? 2021

Hosted ByTom Gaddis

On the What’s the Secret Podcast, former restaurant manager turned seven-figure entrepreneur Tom Gaddis shares with you the real strategies most gurus won’t tell you about growing a successful business.

First 40 Million with John Donges

From going to bed hungry because his family had very little money for food, to growing one of his first business ventures to over $40 million in revenue, and then selling for an 8 figure deal. Today’s guest, John Donges, knows what it’s like to struggle and what it’s like to succeed. 

John is an expert in what to focus on to scale aggressively, letting us in on how he scaled a business from 5 to 10 million and beyond. He’s going to share with us some super valuable, actionable tips and secrets to succeed in business and how to overcome roadblocks like him, and much more.

Never take the present moment for granted.

John Donges

In This Episode:

  • John talks about the principles that you can apply to any type of business and how to be successful regardless of whatever challenges you face
  • How doing the things that helped you achieve one level of success, won't get you to the next 
  • The advice that he would like to give to John from 20 years ago
  • And much more…

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