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A Different Approach to Selling with Chandler Walker

In the world of sales, we are often taught that we need to be pushy, aggressive, and ready to do whatever it takes to convince our prospects to part with their money. But this pressurized selling tactic doesn’t align with everybody’s values, and today’s guest decided to find a different way to sell, one that is in line with his goal of stepping out of the realm of sales and into the realm of therapeutic conversation. 

Chandler Walker is the founder of Stoneage Fuel, a health and fitness brand that helps people in six areas of wellness: mental health, social health, sleep, nutrition, fitness, and habits. His goal is to take a stand to change the dynamic of selling from pressure and aggression to compassion and conversation. He joins me this week to share his experience of high-ticket selling using this approach.

People think, well you have to be aggressive to get someone’s money or they’re not going to part with it.

Chandler Walker

In This Episode:

  • Learn what compassion conversations are and how Chandler uses them to enroll people into higher-end services without using traditional, aggressive tactics.
  • Chandler shares the problem with some of the sales training we see in the online realm and why he is working to move away from this approach in his business.
  • Hear some tips and examples you can use to help you change your approach to sales, whatever stage you are at in your business.
  • And much more…

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