What’s the Secret? 2021

Hosted ByTom Gaddis

On the What’s the Secret Podcast, former restaurant manager turned seven-figure entrepreneur Tom Gaddis shares with you the real strategies most gurus won’t tell you about growing a successful business.

3 Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts

This Tuesday's episode is short, sweet, and value-packed with lots of actionable information that you won´t want to miss out on. Today, I share three thoughts with you that have been life changers for me, that you'll be able to implement in your own life! 

“The important thing is that you have the right thinking and that you do things the right way, not the end result…”

– Tom Gaddis

In This Episode:

  • Why “Right Thinking” it´s more important than RESULTS.
  • HOW you can take something that´s already working for other people and adapt it to you right away, and start getting great results in any area of your life.
  • Doing a little thing consistently can change your life DRASTICALLY over time, here is how you can implement that…
  • And much more…

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