GUEST BLOG: How Important Is It to Build Influence When You’re Starting Out?

The Secret To Building Business Brands, Without Knowing A Soul As I grew up, I didn’t attach significance to my family’s moving habit. Even though my parents didn’t serve in the military or a diplomatic corps, we simply couldn’t sit still. My dad possessed the ability to start something from nothing. I was born in…

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7 Tips to Attract All-Star Affiliates For Your Launch

7 Tips to Attract All-Star Affiliates For Your Launch Everything’s better with friends. For example, When was the last time you went to a movie by yourself? Okay, that’s not a fair question. Few of us have been to the movie theater in a while. I need to start changing my analogies to match with…

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It Doesn’t Have To “Look Pretty”

Honing Your Focus to Maximize Revenue I’m no MMA fighter, but I know that when two people step into the ring (or octagon) for three rounds of beating each other to a pulp, it can only end three ways: A knockout, where the competitor loses consciousness, or the referee decides a fighter can’t defend themselves…

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