Can ANYONE Start a Remote Business?

I hear it all the time: People sell courses and offer business opportunities with the promise, “Anyone can do this—no experience necessary!” But is that actually true?

In my experience, the average person actually can gain most of the skills needed to operate a remote, digital business. It might take some time, but most people can learn the skills to start a successful business.

One the other hand… many struggle with the “strategy” aspect of growing a business.

This week, I share a few tips about the mindset you need to have if you want to start a business, whether remote or otherwise.

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You Need a Strategy!

Starting any business just involves learning a certain set of skills and applying them to what you want to do. Most people have the capability of acquiring the skills needed to run a remote business.

The biggest challenge for most as they start, though? It’s all about the thought processes of building a well-functioning strategy.

There’s no top secret method to starting a business that only so-called “gurus” get to take part in. You have to shift your mindset and stop thinking that starting a digital or online business is different than starting any other kind of business. 

I talk to people who think they can invest no money and start a million-dollar, remote business. This will NOT happen. Don’t get stuck in this fantasy.

You may be able to get started with little-to-no money, but, eventually, you have to spend money to grow. If you don’t spend money to get work done, you’ll end up spending your time. Million-dollar businesses spend money to get better. They buy the software and the tools, they outsource, they hire… they spend the money they need so they can build on what they already have. When they do it wisely, that money returns and their company expands—along with their revenue!

That’s just one aspect of a successful remote business strategy… there are more mindset shifts we all need if we want to succeed in the digital landscape.

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4 Mindset Tips about Starting a Successful Remote Business 

I believe anyone can start a business. Here are four practical tips you can use to get started:

  1. Apply Yourself with Consistency

When you start a business, you can propel your ideas forward best with consistency.

Learn about your market and establish yourself as an expert. Then post on your blog, produce podcasts, do launches—whatever you do, make sure you put something out week after week with predictable regularity. Show up for your customers, even when you have very few, and you’ll see progress.

Consistency is key. Anyone who has the willingness to apply themselves and do it consistently can start a successful business.

I produce one episode for my podcast every single week, and I get better and better at creating the show. My listeners expect it weekly, and my numbers go up because I’m constantly putting my name and information out there.

  1. Network, Network, Network

You don’t have to start by buying traffic or becoming a Facebook Ads expert. While those work and will bring more traffic to you, there’s something to be said about good, old-fashioned networking. You can start by telling your friends and the people around you what you’re doing. Let the people in your general sphere know what you’ve got going on.

When you have a garage sale, you get all your items in order. You think about how you want to price it and what categories you want to include. You don't just expect people to know you’re having a sale—you let them know! You tell friends, you post on social media, and you put up signs in high-traffic areas to divert attention toward your sale.

That’s the exact process you want to use when you start a business—even a remote one! In product launches, I start by knowing what I’m going to sell and telling people I’m going to do it. I reach out to affiliates, and I start diverting traffic toward my launch.

Even though it’s on a different scale, having a garage sale and starting a business use the same processes to get buyers’ attention. Think about how you want to attract customers and start drawing them in. When you come across other marketers in your industry, don’t just think of them as competition—reach out and find ways to collaborate.

  1. Learn from Others 

Look around and see who runs a business well. Figure out how they do it, or better yet, get them to show you how they do it. If you don’t know someone personally, read their book or look at whatever information they have out there about their processes.

Then, DO IT. Apply the strategies and tips they offer. Try them out for your own business and see if they work for you. So many people in this space are willing to share their insights. There’s a special joy we get from passing on our experience to others.

Look for someone who’s already done it, leverage their experience, and learn their skillset to shortcut your process, even if it costs you time or money on the front end. You’ll get where you want to go in your business even more quickly!

  1. Don’t Fall for the Fantasy

Building a business like the one you dream about will take effort. Start small so you can grow big. You can’t skip the effort and the small beginning. Be prepared to put in the work and practice consistently.

Don’t fall for the line that says you don’t need hard-earned experience. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can start making millions right off the bat, with little to no effort. People that tell you that just want your money in exchange for a snake oil solution. 

But on the other hand, you can work up to the business of your dreams if you’re willing to do the consistent, hard work and learn the skills you need to make it happen. Take it from an Average Joe who has built several 7-figure businesses.

Don’t let the idea of building a strategy put you at a standstill. Work on establishing the best mindset you can so you’ll have the best chance of successfully starting a remote business.

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