Affiliate Marketing Secrets (Part 4): The Affiliate Webinar Game

Aloha! Tom Gaddis, here. For the last few weeks, I’ve been giving the ins-and-outs of affiliate marketing: how to get started, how to hire affiliates, and the importance of an audience. To make any money running an affiliate marketing program, never underestimate the importance of building an audience that likes and trusts you. An audience will make the number-one difference on whether you thrive with affiliate marketing.

Today, we jump into the topic of webinars

Webinars connect you with your audience and bring highly valuable content to the people in your community. But that’s not the only benefit. Webinars also function as underrated revenue generators for your business. If you don’t already use affiliate webinars, I highly recommend you get started! 

Let me share what it takes to build successful ”affiliate webinars” and increase your income by implementing them into your business model.

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Why Host a Webinar?

One of the most profitable and effective ways to scale your online business is to have a webinar. Whether you bring other people’s webinars to your audience or offer webinars to other communities, you can add an effective stream of revenue to your online business.

Additionally, hosting a webinar gives you real-time feedback about your market. To develop the best products, you must become incredibly familiar with your target market and the problems they face. Learning your audience occurs at lightspeed when you interact with them in a live webinar setting.

To get the absolute highest number of attendees, host a live webinar at an appointed time and advertise it to your audience in the days and weeks ahead of it.

So how do you gain the benefits of hosting and presenting webinars? I’ve got four tips for you to get started.

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4 Ways to Get in on the Webinar Game

Here are four important steps to consider as you get ready to launch a webinar as part of your affiliate marketing strategy:

  1. Prioritize Your Relationship with Your Audience

The bottom line: To make a webinar effective, you need a strong relationship with your customers. You don’t even need a ton of people in attendance to generate a significant amount of income if you have a positive relationship.

When it comes to hosting online events, regular engagement with your community will build the foundation for your upcoming products. If you want participation, your audience needs to know you do online events… and that they’ll have fun if they show up. 

Remember, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Like in real life, it takes time and consistency to build a trusting relationship. You can only get out of it what you put in, and you’ve got to put in some work if you want to have a successful event. ClickFunnels has some great training about how to put a webinar together and get people to show up.

Start hosting frequent online trainings and live shows so your audience gets used to engaging with you. Offer rewards for participation. Deliver value and make your events fun! 

  1. Host a Webinar Swap

Business owners and entrepreneurs often contact each other and say, “Hey! I’d like to bring my webinar to your people. Do you have a webinar you can bring to mine?” You have an advantage when you already have one or two of your own ready to use in those situations. 

When I got started, I didn’t have one ready. I brought a couple of others’ webinars to my audience, but I missed out on further building my audience by doing my own webinar for their community. You can still do others’ affiliate webinars in your community before you have one ready, but I recommend you develop one quickly so you can get the other side of that coin.

Make it as easy as possible for the other person to promote your webinar to their community. Provide them with a joint venture document with all the information about what they’ll be promoting. Include the price point, email swipes, the required length, and any other information they need to know. 

How do you know if you’ll have a good swap? If you have someone who can put at least one hundred people live on a webinar, you’ll have a really great promotion. 

  1. Consistently Drive Your Audience to the Live Event

Live events are the best option for you to make sure you will have a high show-up rate.

I often see businesses pre-record online events because they don’t get many people attending the live session. It’s a MISTAKE. You’ll train your community to know that they don’t have to show up live. 

Instead, entice people to attend! Even if you don’t have a large audience, find ways to drive people to the live events. 

The number one thing that drives people to events is your relationship with them. 

However, I have offered special giveaways for attending. I’ve given away Oculus Quests and iPads in drawings or contests at the end of the events. 

I also use what I call “stay-til-the-end” bonuses to drive participation and keep people engaged. If they stay to the end of the presentation, they get a link for a free bonus training or how-to document. People will stay for your whole presentation, and they‘ll be excited about the value you give them.

  1. Promote Others’ Webinars

You want to promote webinars that bring value to your customers by providing an answer to their problems

Webinar products tend to have higher ticket price points. If you can test out the product or service in your own business before you do the webinar, share your results and how to use it.  Show your community that you believe in this product so much that you use it yourself. This approach is super effective!

I often look at the tools I already use in my business. I contact those people to see if they have webinars I can bring to my community. 

When I do a low-ticket product launch, I don’t just focus on making money from that launch. I use it to generate traffic, and then I have one or two webinars at the end of the launch. 

Affiliate marketing can be a fantastic revenue stream if you approach it realistically and realize that it takes work and effort. The key to all of it is building a community and establishing  likeability and trust with them.

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