You don't have to be a millionaire to live like a millionaire.

 Tom Gaddis circa 2010



As a corporate restaurant manger working 55+ hours a week Tom felt he had no control over his time or income. And with a young family of four and bills to pay he could never fully commit to his entrepreneurial dream. Then eight months after relocating to Maui in 2010 he was fired from his management job. Tom decided he’d had enough and went all-in on creating the life he wanted. Today he’s part of a successful 7-figure agency in Hawaii, as well as, cofounder of Offline Sharks and Remote Millionaires where he helps entrepreneurs build businesses that allow them to live their lives instead of being chained to work.

Remote Millionatire


Tom and business partner Nick offer a personalized mentoring and mastermind program, granting direct access to them and the RM Team. Join to fast-track your business success and establish a fully remote lifestyle agency in under 6 months.



When Tom met Nick Ponte, Offline Sharks was born. Join our community for free access to the ‘Profit First Foundation’ course, 3 ‘In-The-Trenches Trainings,’ and 4 Coaching Calls from our private library—yours today!



Nick Ponte

Explore cutting-edge digital marketing strategies with Nick Ponte, a tech innovator from Maui who, alongside Tom Gaddis, offers advanced solutions for local businesses through comprehensive training and tools designed to enhance online presence and drive sales.


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