3 Ideas for Sales-Driving Bonuses

“… But WAIT! There’s MORE!”

You’ve seen infomercials, webinars, and sales pages use phrases like this to drive viewers to action. These enthusiastic invitations entice customers to “Call now!” so they can get in on a fabulous bonus item.

Businesses use this old advertising tactic to seal the deal with potential buyers. And it really does work! Similar to scarcity, bonuses act like a lure, a final big reveal, drawing in customers by showing all of the added value they get when they purchase your product or service.

How can you take this strategy and use it in an effective way for your business? Today, I’m diving into the details of bonuses and sharing how you can use them to generate more sales.

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Act Now for More Sales!

Bonus offers often make or break a possible sale. In addition to the great product you already advertise, bonuses bring one more thing to the table to solve a customer’s problem. They want the answer to that problem, so they go ahead and purchase. The bonus pushes the original offer over the edge so it’s more attractive, more valuable… and more likely to snatch the sale.

Through bonuses, you give customers a worthwhile addition to their purchase that enhances the original offer. They help you draw in customers that might otherwise walk away. Bonuses also provide an opportunity to build trust for your brand because customers know you supply quality products at a great value.

The great news is that it’s not hard to create bonus offers that give you all these benefits. Below, I list three ideas about how to structure bonuses, how to get ideas, how many to offer, and what makes them effective.

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3 Tips for Creating Valuable, Sales-Driven Bonuses

If you want to create bonuses that add punch to your offers and really drive sales, follow these tips:

  1. Solve a Problem

Think about the problems and pains of your ideal customers. What issues do they have on a daily basis? What kind of frustrations do they deal with? The solutions to their problems make the best-selling products and courses—AND the most effective bonuses.

Think about your customers’ situation and things they have to figure out, and then give them an answer. In my business, I offer a bonus training that helps consultants determine how much to charge based on their specific situation. Other ideas include anything that accelerates a process, done-for-you elements (like materials or software), how-to manuals, and free trials.

  1. Assign Bonuses a Value

If you’ve ever watched a webinar, you’ve seen speakers go through their list of bonuses, and each one has an assigned value. The more the bonuses have a demonstrated, real-world value, the better. Those visible values help to build up the offer. So, put a price tag on your bonus. Tell the value it has in real dollars.

When you give bonuses value and stack them in a way to justify your price, it overwhelms the customers with the value they can get for the price.

Beware of one pitfall: bonus overwhelm. Some promotions bombard the offer with so many bonuses, the customer forgets about the original product. Think about your bonus offers strategically. Make sure they add hype to your promotion, instead of drowning it out. Providing fewer bonuses to solve specific pain points will have a better effect than overloading the customer with bonuses that don’t relate to the actual product.

If your customers get overwhelmed by the amount of bonus offers, they won’t take action on anything. I try to keep my bonuses to about three or four per offer. I also make sure they fit tightly with the original promotion.

  1. Collect Feedback on Your Bonus Offers

Send a survey to customers and ask them this: “What drove you to purchase?” Ask if a particular bonus interested them. The more information you can identify about what people really like will help you to structure your pitches in the future and drive more sales.

Feedback may also give you ideas for your next product! If people really like the idea as a bonus, it could be a clue that you have a potential item or service to sell in the future.

Bonuses work as a fantastic tactic for driving more sales, moving people to action NOW (not later), and increasing your business’s revenue. If you keep these points in mind as you brainstorm ideas, you’ll be a bonus pro in no time.

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